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5 Intentions that many people fail at

Many people struggle with breaking bad habits or creating new ones. Here are some of the most common ones that seem impossible, yet when you create a shift in how you think about these, you will be amazed at how fast you can make a massive change in your life:

  • Procrastination
  • Weight loss or Getting in shape
  • Healthy eating habits
  • Time management
  • Achieving long-term goals

When you alter or shift your thought process and combine it with your own body’s natural ability to release some key hormones that are responsible in helping you achieve whatever it is you want to achieve, you will bring about the changes you are looking for faster and easier than ever before. And you will have fun doing it.


You are not alone.

Your personal struggle to become something, or to change something about your life is natural. You have faced challenges that stopped you or prevented you from reaching your full potential, and you are likely not where you’d like to be.

You may be trying, yet falling short of reaching your ultimate goals. Maybe it’s weight loss; or financial challenges; or relationship issues. Maybe you would like to start or grow your business, or change careers. Or maybe your ultimate journey is to change the world.

Getting there should not be painful. And it shouldn’t be arduous.

Making a change, and becoming everything you’ve ever wanted does not require you to give anything up. It requires a Shift.

When you find your Shift, and begin your journey, share your story with me, and I can share it with others… so they don’t feel so alone.


Other Stories



I have always dreamed of being a photographer. But life got in the way and I was busy just making ends meet. I had given up on my dreams a long time ago… until I read “The Shift”. That book woke me up. My passion came back and my dream is being realized as I write this. This is my story and I wake up every day looking forward to what I am going to photograph next.



I couldn’t talk about what I felt to anyone. Not something we do. My days blended into one grey mundane stretch and I did nothing with it. When I found out about Dr Agatha’s personal struggle, I started to pay attention. To my thoughts, and how they influenced how I felt and what I did next. A small shift (as she calls it) made a giant difference. I am re-reading her book for the fourth time - it works.


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Whatever your story is, share it with us so it can help empower others to make their own Shift.


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