Who we are, what we do, and how we think comes down to how we see ourselves.  Where we end up, as well as the condition of our life, is a direct result of one fundamental detail: our identity.  My identity, your identity, the way we view the world and how we respond to everything around us is a direct result of who we believe we are.  And our identity can be empowering or disempowering, but no matter where you position it, it’s the one defining principle of who you are, where you are, and how happy you are.   There are moments in your life that have tremendous impact on how you see yourself.  Many people don’t realize where or when their specific beliefs were shaped and, as a result, they don’t truly understand how they make decisions.  But one thing is for sure: at some point in life, when asked about why you did what you did or acted in a specific manner, you responded, “thats just who I am”

In many ways, your identity can lead you to realize what others can only dream about.  With the same powerful force that pushes or pulls you in a directional pathway, it can also deter you or have you change course all together.  And instead of being the ultimate version of yourself, you end up frozen in one event or one thought that takes over and confines you to a life full of excuses and rationalizations.  Trauma can do that.  People who have suffered a horrifying event can be locked in that forever.  But much more often, it’s a less significant occurrence that can have the same impact.  One thing, one poorly phrased statement by your father or mother, one lost love, one misinterpretation of what someone said, and you are changed or locked in permanently. This is the exact reason why people see themselves as less than they are, don’t attain their dreams, don’t acquire their goals, and don’t feel fulfilled through their entire life.  No matter what it is you have ever wanted to do or be, and didn’t get there, it comes down to your identity.  Your identity has kept you confined to a limited life, but I bet you didn’t know that identity can be shifted.  And that shift, the creation and visualization of another moment, a small glimpse of clarity, can create a monumental correction in the flight plan of your life.  

I came across the concept of identity, which had been studied extensively by a famous psychologist, Erik Erikson.  He was one of the earliest in his field to take an explicit interest in this topic, and my thirst for more was finally satisfied by some of his work and insight.  I began to understand the concept of how identity plays a huge role in development and integration of a human being into the world around them; how it is the main reason behind happiness, success, and achievement.  But what I was missing, and what most people don’t appreciate is just how much this is all dependent on one fundamental ingredient.  Without this one piece of the puzzle, you cannot be complete.  You will not reach your destination.  You will not attain your ultimate potential.  And oddly enough, my piece of the puzzle was biologically missing.  But when I finally discovered it, and added it to where it belongs, everything changed.  And I want to help you find yours.