Author: Dr. Agatha

What is self-identity and why is it important?

Who we are, what we do, and how we think comes down to how we see ourselves.  Where we end up, as well as the condition of our life, is a direct result of one fundamental detail: our identity.  My identity, your identity, the way we view the world and how we respond to everything […]

Why bad habits are hard to break, and how to change that

Having habits is often a great and effective way to manage routine things. They can save us time, energy, and effort. But more often than not, habits can also prevent us from achieving what we want out of life, and out of ourselves. They can make us turn to food when stressed or sad, avoid […]

How to learn to love doing what I hate doing?

Have you ever wondered why some people just “love to run” or “love to work out” or “love to” whatever it is that you hate doing? How do you get yourself to love to do something that is good for you but you hate doing now? Are you doomed to fail at that activity? Or […]