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Hi I’m Dr. Agatha

Where I begin…

I am just like you.
My life has been full of challenges and struggles, mixed with short, brief moments of joy and gratitude. I hit rock-bottom when everything fell apart for me all at once, and I had no idea what to do next or how to crawl out of the deep dark hole I found myself in. Financially and personally exhausted, I looked out instead of looking in and fell apart.

And then a short glimpse into something different changed everything.

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Become Everything You’ve Ever Wanted Without Giving Anything Up

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“Dr. Agatha changed my life. She made me better, stronger. Her unique approach and the simplicity of her systems make it easy to attain unbelievable heights. To anyone who wants to accomplish more, become more, or simply feel life more, read her book. It will change your life.”- Mark G

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Just do it?


If you ask someone who runs everyday what it would take for them to run: “how do you just get up and run?”, they will answer: “well I just do it.” The person who identifies as a runner, they feel good when they are running, they feel good talking about running, running feels good to them.

If you pose the same question to someone who never runs, doesn’t like to run, tried running, failed at it, they will give you all kinds of reasons and excuses for not running. Or they will describe all the things that got in the way, and all the things they had to do that had to take priority so they ran out of time for running.

And it’s not that they are wrong. And it’s not that they don’t know how to run. And most often, it’s not that they lack motivation.

What’s different is their thought pattern. The thought pattern before they ever begin to go out and run. It doesn’t feel good. So their subconscious will come up with all kinds of reasons for not doing that.

The key to just doing it, is not the action; we all know how to get up and run. And it’s not lack of motivation; many of us are very motivated to do it.

The key to just doing it is to alter the thought process that comes before, that gets you to just do it.

And that’s what The Shift is about.

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Stop Suffering


Nobody tells you this, but the very first thing we need to do when looking forward to make a change that lasts, is to stop suffering. We need to understand the difference between suffering and not having something yet. 

If you are trying to lose weight, for example, and you are already in the process of doing it, you are working out, eating well, you are seeing progress, that’s not having something yet. And then there is this: If I really want to be a professional basketball player, but I am me, 5 foot 1, 52 years old and I don’t really practice playing basketball that much, but I really really really want to be a pro basketball player, what is that? That’s suffering. 

And this may sound like a ridiculous example but in fact, this is what many people do. They suffer by wanting something that is completely inconsistent with who they are and who they are really meant to be.

But what they are missing out on by doing that, is they are missing out on getting something else that is totally aligned with who they are, and that thing would feel exponentially better than having this impossible thing to begin with.

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